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Angstrom Projects

Our experience in telecommunications is vast with a particular expertise in video systems. Angstrom designs, installs, commissions, tests, and services communications systems in order to provide cost effective solutions for the Broadcast, Telecom and Enterprise Markets.

Our experience has presented us with various opportunities utilizing technologies such as terrestrial microwave, satellite, optical, IP video and proprietary digital video to name a few. With experience in engineering, operations, sales, service and project management, we are able to address a wide range of customer requirements relating to telecommunications services.

Angstrom’s sample projects include:

Headend Rebuilds - Project management and installation services to completely overhaul and rebuild a major cable television hub. This included broadcast video, premium digital television, VOD, DOCSIS high speed internet, and VoIP traffic. Development of documentation for projects also include front and rear rack elevations, floor plan layouts, functional block diagrams, grounding, overseeing powering concerns, equipment procurement logistics, tracking, fibre tray and cable installation, and development of cabling strategies for the headend.

Microwave Installations - Installation and Upgrades of terrestrial based telecommunication microwave systems including both transmit and receive equipment.

VSAT - Installation of Satellite data terminals for secure internet data services, such as POS terminals and video content distribution.

IPTV - Cost Analysis and IPTV architecture evaluation to determine costs of implementing an IPTV system. Project Management services to make an IPTV system operational from concept to implementation while overseeing all aspects of the project including software code updates and implementation of new features.

Business TV — This multi-company application was aimed at providing up-linked custom video content across Ontario to a major food store chain for the purpose of training staff. Angstrom provided a cost analysis for equipment, materials and labour and assisted in outfitting 156 stores with appropriate equipment.

Enterprise RF Systems — Cost and technology evaluations for the design and implementation of RF subsystems including cable television and satellite distribution throughout the facility. Project management, cable and equipment installation and design are just a subset of services provided.

Project Management - Angstrom has been hired in multiple situations to conduct project management services for installation of communication system infrastructure, including cost projection, time line monitoring, inventory monitoring and client representation to vendors on unfamiliar technology.

Switched Digital Video Implementation - Co-ordination with VOD vendor on documentation and services to configure equipment and launch a new technology aimed at creating bandwidth savings for the client. Architecture and design of SDV systems.

Cabling Services - Installation and termination of coaxial, data and fibre optic cables as well as equipment in communications hubs for expansion of offered services. Often these builds are adjacent to existing infrastructure and assistance is required to transfer to the new facilities.

Satellite Antenna Installation and Maintenance - Installation and commissioning of TVRO earth stations. Some situations have required more co-ordination than others. For example. Angstrom was hired to oversee the installation and commissioning of a roof top antenna farm in downtown Toronto. The situation required specialized structural engineering to ensure deflection criteria was met. Specialized steel mounts were fabricated and a co-ordinated lift via crane was scheduled to reduce effort and costs. Angstrom managed the development of structural drawings, installation by subcontractor, inspection and the obtaining of building permits.

Targeted Ad Systems - This R&D project consisted of both lab testing and system set up of a targeted advertisement system to send unique ad content to a subscribers set top box. Deliverables included training client personnel on the operation of the system and the creation of documentation for transition of services.

Advanced Video Distribution Systems – Angstrom Communications conducted various projects involved with maintaining and upgrading Arris/Motorola/GI Digital Video Headend systems. This included migration to a GigE platform using multicast technology as a state of the art digital backbone. Also included are code upgrades, integration with other software systems, diagnostics and administration duties. Planning and integration of channel maps, video multiplexing, and configuration of electronic equipment ensures the success of these migrations. Installation design services, equipment installation, RF and IP cabling, Autocad drawing documentation, and project management complete the project.

FM Radio Systems - Project management services to install and commission FM radio antennas including UHF STL link to the CN Tower with downleads for a broadcast facility. Installation included providing new roof top conduit access through the roof top slab. Activities with contract construction groups were co-ordinated and tracked.

CCTV Systems - Planning and design of closed circuit TV systems for sports and event type building complexes, such Toronto’s ACC Centre and Skydome (now called Rogers Centre).

CATV Distribution Systems - RF coaxial system design services to rebuild, replace and add new facilities for the purpose of distributing cable television signals.

Training - Services provided to teach technicians on how to maintain and troubleshoot new equipment such as SDV (switched digital video); digital Headend from satellite receiver through multiplexer and modulator to set top box; specific equipment training on a configuration and monitoring tool for the digital Headend including features, operation and function; digital Headend troubleshooting. Additionally, Angstrom was hired by the University of Cape Breton to instruct union electricians on basic theoretical principals of fibre optic cable and practical aspects such as handling, cable prep, splicing, etc to regain lost work from out of province specialized skilled contractors.