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Our network of qualified technicians are ready to address your needs. These technicians specialize in specific technologies so you don’t have to hire, train and manage additional employees for short term projects. We make it easy for you to grow your business and minimal overhead in the process. Below are a number of categories that we can help with. Let us know if you don’t see what you need.

Design and Integration

Our full service solution combines a number of services to ensure optimum results with minimal effort. From initial planning, installation services, commissioning and testing, we have the ability to supply and manage your project from inception to completion. Working with multiple vendor’s products ensures a best of breed solution with minimal costs and a single point of contact for progress updates.

Fibre Optics

Repair, Analyze or Install. Our optical services exist on many levels. Fusion splicing using core alignment yields in optimum results in splicing fibres or pigtails. Our technicians can terminate a number of connectors including Corning, Belden, Senko and Lemo connectors (both F2 and 3K93C camera connectors).

Let us test and analyze your fibre network with high precision software, auto focus inspection probes and OTDRs for documentation and management of your valuable assets.

Looking for customs length pigtails and patch cords? Just let us know what you need and we would be happy to furnish a quote.


Documentation is the beginning and the end of any successful project. Preparing drawings of rack elevations, floor plans, functional block diagrams and equipment detail along with wire run lists create the blueprint for building complex networks. The “as-built’s” become the valuable documentation for future planning and troubleshooting. Let Angstrom help with this important planning process.

Software Programming

Looking for custom solutions? Our software engineers have experience in a wide variety of software applications including Linux, PHP, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Drupal, MySQL, Flash, jquery and others. We have the capability of building custom web server applications.

Project Management

A project manager will help ensure success of a project by managing the processes. Manage the time line, inventory, and deliverables to find out in advance when projects will experience delays so corrective action can be taken to keep plans on course. Tracking of details and managing multiple labour disciplines are our expertise. Invest wisely in project management services and avoid unanticipated complications.

Satellite Antenna Installations and Maintenance

From small to large antenna applications, let Angstrom handle your satellite antenna installations and maintenance. Our site surveys will determine the best location and suitable antenna size and type for your application. Whether you require a roof top or ground installation, C, Ku or Ka band, all can be accomplished with proper preparation and planned execution. Protect your investment by conducting annual maintenance on your antenna structures. Grounding, rust and corrosion, snow and ice protection, cabling/waveguide should all be examined at regular intervals to avoid unnecessary downtime. We examine pivot points, azimuth and elevation adjustment points, jacks, gearboxes, polarity drive mechanisms, lightning protection, lighting, deicing systems and more. We provide power washing services of reflector, mounts and foundations. Keep you satellite systems maintained for years of use.

CAS-Digital Video Services

Angstrom offers CAS and digital headend services to assist Operators in the optimization of their digital video delivery network. The continued operation of these components is integral to enabling and protecting the revenue stream. Operators benefit from changes that result in “Speed to Market”. Angstrom assists the operator in the planning and execution of changes that optimize the network allowing the Operator to maximize revenue generation. Learn more