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VeEx Inc.

VeEX's VePAL TX130M+ Complete Wireless Backhaul Test Set - as featured in BTTV

VeEX CX380-D3 - Next Generation Super-Tech for Digital Cable TV networks

YouTube Channel Introduction

Introduction to Synchronization | Sync 101

Fiberizer Mobile | OPX BOX OTDR & Android Tablet

Fiberizer Desktop | Handling Multi-wavelength Traces

Winning With DOCSIS 3.1 | Just Add Modems (Webcast)

Fiberizer Cloud (BTTV)

Ethernet Networking Fundamentals (Part 1 of 2)

Basic ISDN Technology Training

First Tunnable DWDM OTDR

VeEX Transport and Packet Test Solutions (Live from BCE 2016)

Wi-Fi Air Expert Part II: Wi-Fi Frequency Bands and Channels

Wi-Fi Air Expert Part IV: Wi-Fi Interference

VeEX CX Series - Next Generation Test Solutions for Digital Cable TV Networks

VeEX R300 Server - Workforce and Asset Management Solution

V100 Bluetooth File Transfer Tutorial

What is Precision Timing? | Sync 102

Fiberizer Mobile | OPX BOX OTDR & Android Phone

Fiberizer Desktop | OTDR Trace Analysis

Synchronization Requirements for 4G Backhaul & Fronthaul | Webcast

Benefits of Network Monitoring (BTR Webcast)

VoIP Technology Introduction

VeEX Solutions Overview @ CableTec 2015

VeEX | Leader in DOCSIS3.1 Test & Measurement

VeEX Innovation Showcase @ LightReading BCE 2016

Wi-Fi Air Expert Part I: Wi-Fi Standards Overview

VeEX CX350 and TX130+ - Test Solutions for Business Services

CX350 & CX380 Software Update Procedure

VeEX VePAL V300 Tutorial - Getting Started

Introducing Fiberizer Cloud | OTDR Trace Analysis Web Service

Fiberizer Cloud | Bidirectional OTDR Report Generation

OPX BOX Compact Bluetooth/USB OTDR

VeEX RXT and TX300S at Big Telecom Event 2015

Ethernet Networking Fundamentals (Part 2 of 2)

DS1 (T1) Fundamentals

DOCSIS 3.1: Cable’s Gigabit Gambit | Webinar

DOCSIS 3.1Test & Measurement Solutions (BBTV)

Wi-Fi Air Expert Part III: Understanding RF and Wi-Fi Physical Layer

FX150 Handlheld OTDR | Product Introduction (Lightwave)


Swift R5 ribbon splicer tutorial (ILSINTECH)

ST Connector (F1+)

SC Connector (S5)

Multi Pack F & Swift S3

F1+ SC 900um clamp


KF4A & Fusion SOC


SC Connector (F1+)

LC Connector_900um (S5)

ST Connector (S5)

R5 with New Cleaver

F1+ SC indoor clamp

SWIFT SC Connector (Softboot) + F1+

KF4A 900um splicing

LC Connector_900um (S3)

ST Connector (S3)

Swift F3 250um

F1+ LC 900um clamp

Work belt

fiber to fiber S5

K11 Fiber to Fiber 900