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White Papers

1GE to 10GE Ethernet Access Migration Seamless

  • Migrate your access network one hop at a time as your customer bandwidth requirements dictate
  • Use a single device to combine delivery, transport and life cycle management via MPLS, Layer 2 or Layer 3 VPN
  • Provide multiple services such as DIA, mobile backhaul, bandwidth on demand, managed and other types of 1GE and 10GE UNI services
  • Simplify service activation and reduce time to deploy by 10x
  • Eliminate the cost and complexity of deploying multiple 1GE circuits using xWDM
  • Enhance your network and service resiliency by deploying a ring, mesh, or dual homed network architecture
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Reclaiming Lost Revenue Using DAC Reporting Features

Motorola’s conditional access system server, DAC6000, is often an underutilized resource. It has the potential to help system operator’s track down non responding set top terminals that are a source of lost revenue to the systems operations. A non-responder has the capability to continue to make a predefined number of impulse purchases that in many cases become uncollectable by the cable systems billing system. We have prepared a document entitled “Reclaim Lost Revenue Through DAC Reporting Features” which discusses a method in which to utilize the DAC to simplify the task of localizing these non-responding set tops terminals for recovery and revenue collection at no extra capital cost to the system operations.

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